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Thymic Protein A Boosts Immune Function

[Thymus gland, Thymic Protein and the Immune System | Dr Perricone's Input
[What will I feel like when I take TPA? | Whats in the packet of TPA?]
[Directions | Safety]

Thymus Gland, Thymic Protein and the Immune System

The thymus is a small gland located behind the upper chest area, which plays a key role in proper immune functioning. This gland peaks in size at puberty, and then begins steady involution (shrinkage), until eventually it becomes incapable of producing certain proteins the immune system needs.

All white blood cells (WBC’s) originate in the bone marrow. Some white blood cells which can mature upon their release from the marrow are termed B-cells (“B” for bone). Other WBC’s are still immature when released from the marrow, and must travel to the thymus to receive proteins for activation. These cells are called T-cells (“T” for thymus gland).

The T-4 Helper cell is the “manager “ of the immune system, and controls critical infection-fighting cells such as the T-8 killer cells and T-8 suppressor cells, by secreting chemical messengers called cytokines, such as interleukin-2 and interferon.  When the body has a sufficient amount of properly working T-4 cells, proper amounts of cytokines are made to allow the entire immune system to function properly, even in the presence of suppressive drugs or infections.  If a person has sufficient activated T-4 cells in the blood, these cells can call upon the body to produce new T-4 cells, new white blood cells and new red blood cells, thus actually raising their count.

Dr. Terry Beardsley, PhD is one of the world's leading authorities on the thymus gland and its critical importance for the proper functioning of the immune system. He spent the past 25 years studying the thymus gland and discovered the existence of Thymic Protein A. His discovery was published in several scientific journals, including the Journal of the National Academy of Sciences (Vol. 80, pp6005-9, October 1983, Immunobiology). He currently holds a U.S. patent for its commercial production. 

Dr. Beardsley's groundbreaking research has proven that the T-4 helper cells, after they are formed and enter the bloodstream, are NOT functional unless they come into direct contact with Thymic Protein A. Thus he discovered a natural and necessary substance in the body which can control and preserve immunity, leading to a longer healthier lifespan.

ProBoost™ Thymic Protein A supplies the missing thymic protein and activates the T-4 Helper cell.

Dr. Perricone's Input

In his book, The Perricone Promise, Dr. Nicholas Perricone M.D. states that wrinkles on the skin are the result of inflammation.  He suggests that inflammation can be reduced by eating a healthy diet, exercise, and taking special supplements.  One of the supplements Dr Perricone recommends are thymic neuropeptides, the fractured components of Thymic Protein A.

What will I feel when I take Thymic Protein A?

The immediate effects of taking a packet of Thymic Protein A vary from a sensation of warmth and energy to no particular short-term change in feeling.  The longer term effects (days or weeks) are often an increase in energy, well-being, strength, and improved sleep patterns, reduction of infections and prevention of future infections.  All of these benefits can result from an improvement in immune function.

What's in the packet of Proboost Thymic Protein A?

One small packet of Proboost Thymic Protein A contains 500 milligrams of powder, which contains 4 micrograms (12 billion molecules) of the potent active ingredient Thymic Protein A.  The majority of the packet contains maltodextrin powder, a pleasant, mildly sweet powder made from corn syrup solids.  It is used to hold the tiny amount of active Thymic Protein A. 

Directions for use

To take Thymic Protein A, tear open the packet, and empty the entire contents under your tongue.  Try to hold the powder there for 2-3 minutes, or until it all dissolves.  If the powder tends to clump. this is actually beneficial as it holds the active ingredient in the correct position for maximum absorption, which takes place under the tongue.  If your mouth is dry, add a few drops of water under your tongue before you pour the powder in.

Is Thymic Protein A safe?

Proboost Thymic Protein A is extremely safe.  It is made by cell culture in only one laboratory in the world, under the direct supervision of Dr. Beardsley.  It is made from stored frozen cells taken from the thymus of one US calf, which was selected and sacrificed 10 years ago.  No animals are sacrificed to make Thymic Protein A other than the one original calf.

Because Thymic Protein A is highly purified, all other proteins, fragments, or substances are filtered out, leaving only the single Thymic Protein A, which is then freeze-dried and mixed with the maltodextrin. 


Reprinted with exclusive permission of Longevity Science.

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