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Customer Testimonials

[Our Service | CetylPure | Coral Calcium | OptiAll | RingStop | VeinGard]

We would like to thank our customers who have written to tell us about their experiences.  Below are some of the most informative responses we have received from our customers.  We do keep our customers names confidential, but trust that using their first name (except where given explicit permission) does not break that trust.  We welcome your input.  Please send it to

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Just wanted to let you know how great Cetyl Pure has worked for me. In 14 Days use I've gone from a lot of joint pain with Rheumatoid Arthritis to almost none in most of my body. Its still decreasing and its unbelivable how good I'm now doing.  Again thanks for the great product and hopefully others suffering will learn about this product.  Randy W.

CetylPure testimonials sent to the manufacturer

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Coral Calcium

Coral Calcium testimonials from Robert Barefoot's recent book

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Just to let you know that I spoke with someone in your office the other day, and was telling her about the amazing things that have been happening around here after using your coral calcium.

First of all, my dad has a very bad case of lung cancer.  He was told a few months ago by a very reputable oncologist that he had two months to live.  I immediately started giving him four of your coral calcium tablets, which are Dr. Barefoots, of course.  Within two weeks of taking calcium, his blood cells returned to normal, his oxygen level returned to normal, and his cancer lesions are shrinking to almost nothing.  Needless to say, the doctor stood there with his mouth open, and doesn't know what is going on.  Neither my dad or I told him about the coral because he would just poo poo it off. lol

Another thing:  I have a thirteen year old dog who is suffering from congestive heart failure, arthritis, kidney failure, etc.  I thought , what do I have to lose by giving her some coral.  She is going to die anyway.  I started her on a whole tablet mixed with her favorite foods, and within a week, she stopping coughing, was able to get up the stairs again, and her appetite is great.  How's that for a testimonial???  Maybe we can put the vets out of business, too.

My sister, who is 56, and very heavy had heel spurs so badly that she could barely walk.  I suggested coral to her, and now she is going to the beach and running around all over the place without a single pain.

Again, my mom, who is 81, had a stroke a few months ago.  She had a hard time even standing up, and was very confused.  I started her on coral, and within one month, she got rid of her walker, and is practically a rocket scientist. lol, Well, you get the point.  Maybe not a rocket scientist, but at least she is my ole mom again.

Last, but not least, I suffer from a depressive disorder and also a panic disorder.  I have been going to a doctor for it for over twenty years.  The medicine helped, of course, but it was just a cover up.  When I started on the coral, I feel like the depression is a thing of the past, and panic attacks are almost history.

What I am trying to say is , Howard, please shout this message from the rooftops and get everyone you know to start on coral calcium.  It is truly a miracle, and the cancer cure of the 21st century.  Thank you for listening to me, and if you want me to  appear on the Today show, I will have to check my little black book, but I believe that I can work it in. lol

Thank you for listening to me, and please post this message on your walls so that everyone will know how great this product is, and beside, maybe I will become famous. lol

Please print this letter and post it on your wall.  Who knows, I may become famous. Thanks again, Howard.


Carole Newman
West Virginia

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HearAll for Hearing

“My Mother is 82 years old and could not hear anyone talking to her. We wanted her to get a hearing aid, but she said no. She used ginseng without much results, but after only one bottle of Hearall, she told us not to yell at her anymore...she could hear fine. Your product is amazing!” - Aurora Hernandez, Maywood, CA

“I started taking HearAll about 5 weeks ago. I've noticed that both my hearing loss and the ringing in my ears is better. Even though my problem is very chronic, a 30% improvement in this short a period of time is truly remarkable! I'm happy!” - Linda Kirkman, Phoenix, AZ

“I'm taking my hearing aid out more often and seem to be getting along better since taking HearAll.” - Jean Stewart, Scottsdale, AZ

“I’ve used your HearAll for only two months and it’s miraculous! I’ve been able to take out my high-tech, expensive hearing aids ($5,000 each), and can even hear my fingers rubbing together for the first time. Thank you very much.” - John Augustus, age 59, Provo, UT

“I started to take HearAll because my greatest fear is that my hearing will get worse. For years, my family has been complaining that my hearing is getting worse. They even joke that I cannot hear the "blinker" or the turn signal in my car. About three weeks after taking HearAll, I noticed that I could hear the blinker in my car.” - G. Merrill Andrus, age 75, Orem, UT

“I usually increased the volume on the TV to the point where my wife and children began to complain about the loudness. After six or seven weeks of taking HearAll, I have been able to turn the volume down to a much lower level, and I’ve noticed that I can understand what people are saying more clearly–even in a crowded room.” - Jack Taylor, age 45, Highland, UT

“I have an elderly customer that I had to yell into the telephone in order for her to hear, and people had to use sign language to communicate with her. After using HearAll for only one month, she can now hear well enough to talk normally on the phone and people don’t have to use sign language anymore. It’s a miracle!” - Dean Walter, owner, Mother Nature Natural Foods, St. Petersburg, FL

“I’ve noticed a big difference on my hearing quality when I speak on the phone.” - Mary Hilsmann,

“I heard about HearAll on the radio. I took the gamble and purchased the product. Guess what, it works for me. Believe it. The healing is taking place...” - Lyla Schultz, Vancouver, British Columbia

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RingStop for Tinnitus

My Personal Experience

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“I bought my 1st 2 bottles of HearAll and RingStop about 2 weeks ago. 20 minutes after taking the 1st pair of pills the volume of the jackhammer in my right ear was cut by 50%... this was the 1st real relief that I had had in over 20 years. I am now at the 2 weeks point and most of the time the volume level of my tinnitus is off now by 95 to 98%.... I am also the beneficiary of... a positive side effect. ... I have averaged a splitting headache about every 3 days for years... But my headaches have also disappeared! ... I think that you may also have invented the best headache cure for all time. Congratulations, and thank you.”  Steve Billigmeier, Las Vegas , NV

I Consider It a Miracle

“I have been afflicted with tinnitus for more than 40 years. The ringing in my ears was so loud that it precluded conversation in most noisy environments. Truly, it was the loudest sound I heard in almost any surroundings. I am now able to say “was” because of RingStop.

I began taking RingStop at a double dosage for the first two weeks. On the last day of that time, I awoke and immediately started to wonder why everything sounded so loud: birds, traffic, and small sounds of all kinds. Suddenly, it occurred to me that the ringing in my ears was only about half as loud as it had been. I was so astounded and amazed that I literally cried. 

I am now only midway through my second bottle (at the two per day dosage) and the ringing continues to diminish rapidly. The ringing is still there, but at a volume so much below what I had experienced for 40 years that I consider it a miracle. 

The other evening, I attended a dinner with 30 people in a restaurant.  For the first time in my life, I could clearly understand and communicate with people seated several chairs away. My wife remarked that I seemed like a different man compared to my usual quiet, almost withdrawn self. I am: I can hear now.”  Rocky Raab, Ogden, Utah

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Getting Good Results

Dr. Bob Martin, My husband is getting good results for his ringing already after 40 days on the 2 products (RingStop and HearAll). I realize that this condition took many years to develop and could take several months to improve. Annemarie

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VeinGard for Varicose and Spider Veins

My Varicose Veins are More Than Half Gone
“I am writing to tell you how good Vein-Gard is... I am 58 and have had varicose veins in my left leg over 15 years. I started using both the caps and cream in veins are more than half gone.” -
Warren W., Lebanon, OR

Vein-Gard Healed Leg Ulcers
“Our son had a deep vein thrombosis following a major surgery and has had problems with leg ulcers as the result. Your product [Vein-Gard] has healed his leg ulcers and keeps his leg tissue soft. In addition, it helps relieve the pain.” - Pat H., Indiana, PA

It’s the Only Thing that has Helped My Circulation
"I love your Vein-Gard! It's the only thing that has helped the circulation in my legs. And the veins are not as noticeable anymore." - Helen K.,
Encino, CA

This is the Only Thing that has Worked for Me
"I've tried everything to help my varicose veins and this is the only thing that has worked for me!" - Arlis C.,
Pacific Grove, CA

Relieves My Aching, Tired Legs
"Your Vein-Gard cream gives me immediate relief for my aching, tired legs and feet! It's the greatest product ever!" - Joanne H.,
Springville, UT

My Feet Feel Warm Now
"This is the first time my feet have felt warm in 10 years thanks to your Vein-Gard."
- Patty J.,
Vista, CA


Our Service

Yes, thank-you very much. I am very satisfied with my purchase and I'll be sure to buy more things from you guys.


 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yes, we received the package.  Thank you for following up.  In most cases, customer service is a thing of the past.  It is refreshing to see that it is not completely dead!!

-          Mike & Tess  

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

P.S. thank you for the nice personal note you sent - it is so refreshing to have a pleasant human-like note from a business rather than the order arriving missing items or a computer generated reply that makes no sense and is cooooooold.

-          Pat  

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Wow, after reading it again on your site, you are quite correct in that you had posted the date in red and bold.  I had not understood "bottle date" to mean "expiration date."  I apologize for my email.  From your extremely professional response, I can tell you guys are a company I will want to buy from again. 

If you have not already done so, do not credit my Visa with the amount of the purchase, as you did nothing wrong in that transaction.  If you already credited me, then you have my permission to debit it again.

Again, I apologize for the misunderstanding (which was all on my part), and I thank you for the professional, courteous, informative follow-up email. 

- Alain   

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hi Howard,
I can't thank you enough for keeping me updated...I really appreciate it.  I will keep watching the website, but if you happen to think of it (and have nothing else to do!), could you let me know the price and when it will be posted.

Thank you again.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with my recent order from you. The ordering process was easy and I received my order much faster than I anticipated. Also, your prices were the best I found on the net (and local retailers). You can bet I'll be back for more of your service and products....

  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I received my order for xxx via Priority mail on Saturday March 2nd and was please to find my products and the enclosed samples (Ginseng capsules and Ginkgo Biloba tea).

I am impressed with both the good service and the thoughtful welcome gifts. I am also impressed with your prices and philosophy and I will tell my friends and family.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Just to advise you I got my shipment fine and was pleasantly surprised by the gifts of Vitamin C and Tea.  Our Canadian Customs really put it to us when we buy anything herbal or nutritional from the U.S.  No duty, but with Brokerage (the $60. US value becomes $94. CDN) , Agriculture Canada Processing, Provincial Sales Tax and Federal Goods and Services Tax, plus disbursements, plus a fee for UPS to collect all this at the door, I paid an additional $59.28 to receive the stuff. I guess there's no way around it.  The only "CMO" product I could find in Winnipeg was selling for $120. for 60 pills (10 day supply) and I am sure it's the same stuff, so I guess I'm still ahead. I am taking the product and hoping for good results.  Thanks again.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Actually I was going to email you with regard to same. The package arrived on time (as reported by Airborne's telephone call) with £16+ duties to be paid (as expected). The package arrived in pristine condition and not even a scratch on it. My mother thanks you very much and has already started to take the supplements as directed.

Thank you, I assume that I will be in touch when my mother needs more. Excellent service and 1st class PR.

Darren :)   

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Please could you confirm the price of CetylPure, delivered to the UK. You were recommended by Dr. L. Sands who wrote the book 'Arthritis Beaten Today'.  Initially we would require 4 Bottles. Many thanks for your help.


(Answer: 4 bottles at $20 each, plus $25 shipping and handling to U.K.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Re: Unsatisfied customer 4/24


(OUR NOTE: Your mailman entered the following information into the USPS Priority Mail tracking system.  You might ask him if he remembers delivering the package back on Saturday, March 23.  Otherwise, tomorrow we will credit your Visa card for the full amount of $27.  Sorry that this was a bad experience for you.  Unfortunately, some elements of a transaction are out of our direct control when you buy through the internet or by mail order.  We pay the extra expense for the tracking status so that delivery problems can be more easily resolved.  Had you received the package when your mailman said that he delivered it, you would have received it 3 days after ordering it on March 20th.  Good luck.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

(Received in response to an inquiry we sent because the billing address submitted did not match the address on file with the customer's credit card provider on an order over $100)  Thank you for being so careful to prevent fraud. I'm sending the vitamins to my girlfriends address. My billing address is: XXXXXXXXXX 
Thanks again.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I am writing to say that I am disappointed with your service.  When we received our order we were presented with a charge of £57.99 import duty for the products we bought from you.  Please can you let any overseas buyers know that we have to pay duty when they come to purchase any products online.  Thank you.  (This was an order from England for US$ 202)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yes, order received safely at midday today 16 August!  Not bad!
No Excise Duty/Customs charges to pay either!
Yours sincerely,
Granville   (US$34 order to England)

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Scientifically, testimonials are considered as hearsay and are sometimes rejected as inadmissible evidence of benefits of an agent for health.  However, when the number of testimonials of an effect becomes significant, it is unlikely that the events have occurred by chance alone. 

While these testimonials have attributed health benefits to various nutritional supplements, it must be understood that these commentaries are not proof of any specific outcome.  However, there appears to be an increasing consistent but anecdotal number of reports of health benefits of these nutritional supplements.  

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