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Avé ULTRA (Avemar); American BioSciences; 30 packets
Item Number: IM0830
Manufacturer: American BioSciences
Avé ULTRA (Avemar); American BioSciences; 30 packets

MSRP: $199.95
$161.95, 3 for $149.95 each, 6 for $144.95 each
You save: $38.00

Due to the Fourth of July holiday, we are unable to ship Avemar this week.

  • New Avé ULTRA Freeze-Dried Concentrate - with 99% less non-active ingredients!
  • AvéULTRA is shipped on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday only so that it is not in transit over the weekend.  Avé should not be exposed to heat over 80 degrees F. 
  • When checking out, please be sure to enter the billing address where you receive your credit card statement and provide a ship-to address where someone will be available to receive the package. 
  • Referred to as H-86 by Health Sciences Institute.
  • Other items ordered on the same order may be shipped separately. 
  • Overnight shipping may be available at a higher cost.  Please call us at 800-401-9186 for arrangements. 

Avemar Fermented Wheat Germ Freeze-Dried Extract - Standardized to Methoxy-Substituted Benzoquinones

  • Supports cell metabolic regulation*
  • Promotes immune system modulation*
  • Maintains healthy cellular & humoral (Th1/Th2) immune balance*
  • Promotes optimal NK cell targeting ability and the coordinated response of macrophages, B-cells and T-cells*

Studies show that Avemar, found in AvéULTRA, provides valuable health benefits, supporting mechanisms of regulation associated with cell metabolism and immune function.*

AvéULTRA is made in the USA under the supervision of the original inventor of Avemar, Maté Hidvegi, Ph.D. Improving on his original patented, fermented wheat germ processing method, he created a better tasting, easier mixing dietary supplement drink mix.  Improvements include utilizing low temperature freeze-drying which eliminates the need to use maltodextrin as a stabilizer, and replacing crystalline fructose sweetener with natural, zero calorie stevia Reb-A.  As a result, AveULTRA contains 99% less stabilizing and flavoring additives, while maintaining the same quantity of Avemar fermented wheat germ actives as used incclinical trials.**

The development of Avemar fermented wheat germ extract has become the life's work of Dr. Hidvegi.  He was inspired to build upon the theories and experiments of Hungarian Nobel Prize Laureate, Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi.  Dr. Hidvegi's patented processes yield a consistently effective standardized extract that has been extensively researched.  Avemar has been the subject of over 100 studies in cell lines, with animals and clinical trials, reporting in more than two dozen articles in medical peer-reviewed journals. 

** Subjects in clinical trials consumed 8.5 g per day of Avemar pulvis, consisting of 5.5g Avemar fermented wheat germ actives with 3g maltodextrin, a non-active stabilizer.  Each packet of AvéULTRA contains 5.5 g Avemar fermented wheat germ actives, without maltodextrin.

Avemar's development was inspired by the work of Hungarian scientist Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, awarded the 1937 Nobel Prize in Medicine for describing the essential role of vitamin C in the life-sustaining processes of cellular metabolism.

Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi recognized that methoxy-substituted benzoquinones play essential roles in regulating and fine tuning metabolism at the cellular level and theorized that supplemental levels of methoxy-substituted benzoquinones could help the body respond to internal and external stresses.

In recent years, a new generation of Hungarian scientists has continued Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi's work in developing a method of manufacturing an all-natural and standardized source of methoxy-substituted benzoquinones by fermenting wheat germ with baker's yeast through a patented process. (U.S. Patent #6,355,474).

This product is now available as a dietary supplement in a once-a-day, pleasant tasting instant drink mix, and is being studied in hospitals and recommended by doctors around the world.  It is available in the U.S. under the brand name AvéULTRA, and as Avemar outside the U.S.

Product of USA.  Distributed by American BioSciences, Inc. 560 Bradley Parkway, Blauvelt, NY 10913.  Phone: 888-884-7770 (845-727-0800).


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