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Liver Health

[A Day in the Life of Your Liver | Your Liver Needs Your Support]

A Day in the Life of Your Liver

In a busy day you might stop for gasoline, drive through heavy traffic, spend time in a smoke-filled room, eat fried foods for lunch, pop a few Tylenol for a tension headache, have a drink with your friends after work, then go home and use handy cleaning compounds to clean the house.  You are just living a normal life, but your liver is jumping through hoops to keep you going -- because all of these activities expose your body to harmful substances that your liver must break down.

The liver is a built-in waste disposal plant for your entire body; simultaneously, it is your major organ of metabolism.  The liver regulates carbohydrate, fat and protein processing, converts many vitamins into the active forms the body uses, and stores vitamins and minerals for use as needed.  The liver is also a key regulator of blood sugar, functioning to form Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) from chromium, build glycogen from glucose, and release glucose from glycogen.

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Your Liver Needs Your Support

If your liver is overloaded with undesirable substances from the environment or from an unhealthy diet, it may not do any of its jobs completely.  Repercussions may include poor nutritional status and a buildup of harmful chemicals, leading to reduced quality of health. 

One way you can support good liver health is by providing the nutrients your liver needs both to carry out its functions, and to activate its innate regeneration process as needed.  Another way is to give your liver a break - if you have a drink every night, take a break for a week.  A liver cleanse is another way to support your liver. 

Twenty five important nutrients and related substances have been identified in scientific studies as either nourishing or protecting the liver. 

Silymarin and Lipoic Acid are two of the most important liver supportive substances.  High potency Silymarin, concentrated from Milk Thistle Seed has been researched for 20 years in experimental and clinical studies in Europe.  Lipoic Acid, along with Coenzyme Q10 and the B-Vitamins, helps produce the large amounts of energy your liver requires -- both  to do its jobs, and to regenerate when it has been compromised. 

Other supplements that support the liver include N-Acetyl Cysteine, Vitamin E Succinate, and fat-soluble Vitamin C from Ascorbyl Palmitate, all of which are powerful antioxidants.  Antioxidants not only help the liver carry out its cleansing processes, but they also serve to protect the liver from excessive free radical damage. 

If your day is hard on your liver, you can help lighten its load.  Protect and nourish your liver by eating a healthy diet, avoiding harmful chemicals, and giving your liver the best nutritional support possible.

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Reprinted with exclusive permission from the Source Naturals, Inc.

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