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[Key to Fiber's Health Benefits | IP-6 and Healthy Cells | References]

Protection for Your Cells

IP-6 (inositol hexaphosphate, also known as phytate) is a ground-breaking nutrient that can protect your cells from the ravages of our chemicalized environment.  A derivative of the B-vitamin inositol, IP-6 is a component of dietary fiber. 

Many researchers attribute the well-known health benefits of fiber to IP-6.  IP6 has shown significant antioxidant activity and positive effects on the growth and regulation of various cells and tissues, including breast, colon and prostate cells, according to animal and in vitro research.

A Key to Fiber's Health Benefits

Epidemiological studies show a correlation between a high-fiber diet and the health of the body, particularly breast, colon, and prostate tissues. Fiber's health benefits have long been attributed to its main structural components, which include cellulose, lignin and pectin. However, research shows that not all fibers demonstrate protective benefits. The most beneficial fibers are rich in the naturally occurring component IP-6, leading many researchers to propose that IP6 may be key to fiber's benefits.

IP-6 consists of a ring of the B-vitamin inositol, along with six phosphate molecules. IP-6 is found in most cereals, nuts, legumes, and seeds, and is abundant in wheat bran.

IP-6 and Healthy Cells

Regulation of Cell Growth: IP6 has a striking effect on cell division, regeneration and growth, according to animal and in vitro research on mammary, colon and prostate cells. Some researchers believe that a central pathway of IP-6 action is via control of cell division at the DNA level.
The repair of DNA is essential for cell health. Dramatic new in vitro research on mammalian cells shows that purified IP-6 directly stimulates DNA repair by promoting the joining of DNA ends.

Antioxidant Defense: IP-6 inhibits the formation of the highly reactive hydroxyl free radical, which causes lipid peroxidation and severe damage to cells and DNA, according to animal and in vitro research.
Research indicates that the antioxidant properties of IP6 are related to its interaction with excess iron, which is recognized as a potent pro-oxidant. IP-6 chelates, or binds, iron, thus suppressing the iron-catalyzed oxidation of cells and DNA.

Immune Support: Animal research also indicates that IP-6 supports cellular immunity by enhancing natural killer cell activity and stimulating neutrophil activity. Natural killer cells play a pivotal role in immune defense, while neutrophils are capable of surrounding, engulfing and digesting foreign matter.

Cardiovascular and Kidney Support: IP-6 has also been shown in animal and in vitro research to support cardiovascular health and lipid regulation. Epidemiological studies show that IP-6 supports healthy kidney function.


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Reprinted with exclusive permission from Source Naturals, Inc.

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