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Coral Calcium
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[The Coral Calcium Phenomenon | Calcium ]
[Coral Calcium Research | Aging ]
[Ecology of Coral Calcium Farming | How to Take Coral Calcium ]
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The Coral Calcium Phenomenon

Coral Calcium is now available as a basic nutritional supplement.  Coral calcium has the advantage -- over other forms of calcium -- of marine coral’s wide-ranging content of an optimal mix of major and trace minerals.  Coral reefs are formed over thousands of years and all of the minerals and elements in the ocean are accumulated in coral (up to 70 elements).  Coral calcium has been used throughout the world as a health-giving nutritional supplement and much scientific literature exists on the universal health benefit of marine coral calcium.

Supplementation with coral calcium has major advantages over other forms of calcium. 

  • Coral calcium is readily absorbed into the body. 
  • Marine coral calcium contains a vast array of major and trace minerals in naturally occurring proportions.
  • The ocean mineral content, thus marine coral calcium mineral content, has many similarities to human body mineral content.


Calcium is required for healthy bones, teeth, muscle, nerve function, and for blood clotting.  Muscle pains, cramps, twitches convulsions, and even cancer may suggest calcium deficiency.1 Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. An average man contains about three pounds of calcium and an average woman about two pounds of calcium. 99% of the calcium in the body is found in the bones and teeth. The other 1% of calcium may be the most important. Calcium helps regulate cellular metabolism throughout the body, so it is necessary for all body functions.2

Calcium may be of benefit in the treatment of allergy complaints, for depression, insomnia, panic attacks, arthritis, hypoglycemia, muscle and joint pains.

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Coral Calcium Research

Several books and articles have appeared recently on the health value of coral calcium.  Mr. Robert Barefoot, a chemical engineer, has dedicated 20 years of his life to studying coral calcium.  Barefoot has written a new book on coral calcium describing his research and experiences with coral calcium collected from the ocean floor off Okinawa, Japan.  He has defined the link between minerals found in coral calcium and health and long life.  We will provide quotes from his books and give you the opportunity to acquire his most recent book: Barefoot on Coral Calcium: An Elixir of Life?

Studies at two universities in Southern Japan have shown that calcium from marine coral calcium has superior absorption to calcium from other sources. 


Barefoot comments in his book that many scientists believe that the repeated exposure of the body to free radicals, which thrive in a mineral deficient acidic environment, is a fundamental process in aging.  Many studies now confirm that adopting a diet high in coral calcium and antioxidants, like the diet of the people of Okinawa, is an important issue in the promotion of healthy aging. 

Sang Whang, in his book Reverse Aging, makes the claim that the accumulation of acidic waste products within the body is the process of aging.  Therefore, removing old, stored wastes is reverse aging.  He says that this removal of old, stored wastes occurs by alkalizing the body, or slightly decreasing the pH of the cells in the body.  This can be done by ingesting coral calcium. 3

Ecology of Coral Harvesting

It should be noted that coral calcium reefs are not damaged when coral calcium is collected from the ocean floor surrounding a coral calcium reef.  The most famous type of coral calcium used as a nutritional supplement is harvested from the sea surrounding the islands of Okinawa, off the Southern coast of Japan. 

There are essentially two types of coral calcium available in supplements.  The first is fossilized coral calcium, which is mined from reserves which wash up onto beaches.  Fossilized coral calcium tends to contain a very low amount of magnesium.  The second is marine coral calcium, which is the most desirable kind because it contains calcium and magnesium in an ideal 2:1 ratio. 

How to Take Coral Calcium

Over the past 10 years, coral calcium has been used as an additive to water and is sometimes placed in tea bags or sachets.  This allows the calcium and other minerals to leach into the water and then be absorbed from the water.  Using the tea bag method, only about 2% of the available coral calcium is absorbed by the body. 

According to the world expert, Robert Barefoot, coral calcium is best taken in capsule format.  Taking whole coral calcium in this way provides the best source of the micronutrient profile of the coral calcium. pH paper or pH strips may be used to test the acidity or alkalinity of saliva or urine.


  1. Smith L, "Breathing Easy" Feed Your Kids Right. 1979 Dell Pub. Co. Inc.
  2. Whitney EN, Rolfes SR. Water and the Major Minerals. In: Understanding Nutrition. Seventh Edition, St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Company; 1996; 448-454.
  3. Whang, Sang.  Reverse Aging. Siloam Enterprises, Inc., Inglewood Cliffs, NJ.1994

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Reprinted with exclusive permission by Natures Benefit, Inc.  

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