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Wellness Formula® and the Immune System



[Immune System | Antioxidant Defense | Stress Response Mechanisms
[Respiratory System | Strategies for Wellness]
[Herbs and Antioxidants that Support Wellness | References]

Winterize Your Immune System!

What has made Wellness Formula® America’s number-one immune formula?  Wellness is uniquely effective because it addresses systems, not just symptoms.* Source Naturals recognizes that nutritional symptoms are really body systems out of alignment. 

Wellness is a Bio-Aligned Formula™ that goes deep to the root cause of body system imbalances.  It is expertly designed to support interlocking components of the immune system, including mucous membranes, cell-mediated immunity and humorial immunity.  It also addresses interrelated body systems that impact winter health: antioxidant defense, stress response, and the respiratory system. 

Immune System

A healthy immune system is critically important to help you withstand the ravages of winter.  The immune system includes barriers that keep foreign materials from entering your body, such as the skin, mucus and the cough reflex.  If these barriers fail, protection is provided by internal components. 

Immune system components addressed by Wellness Formula include protective barriers such as the skin and mucous membranes, cell-mediated immunity involving T-lymphocytes and thymus support, and humoral (body fluid) immunity, consisting of B-lymphocytes and macrophage interactions. 

Vitamin A is involved in T-lymphocyte activity, mucosal immunity and phagocytosis.  Beta carotene is involved in thymus gland function and in white blood cell activity.  Vitamin C is concentrated in the white blood cells.  Zinc is found in specific protein compounds within the thymus gland that play an important role in the differentiation of T-cells.  Research reveals echinacea’s ability to support immune function, specifically the activity of macrophages.  Astragalus is a primary supporter of natural defenses with immunopotentiating effects.

Astragalus, Boneset, Echinacea, Isatis, Propolis, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamins A and C, Beta Carotene

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Antioxidant Defense

While carryi8ng out their immune functions, white blood cells generate free radicals, highly reactive molecules that can damage cells. Vitamin C, a free radical scavenger, is concentrated in certain white blood cells at much greater levels than in surrounding fluid, providing them with a built-in defense mechanism. Bioflavonoids complement the action of vitamin C.  Additional antioxidant support is provided by Vitamin A, beta carotene, copper, selenium, hawthorn and pau d’arco.

Astragalus, Bioflavonoids, Hawthorn, Pau d'Arco, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamins A and C, Beta Carotene

Stress Response Mechanisms

Science now shows that emotional and physiological stress significantly impact the immune system. Wellness Formula supports our bodies’ overall response to stress.  Siberian ginseng is an adaptogen whose key constituents, saponin glycosides, support the body's stress response.  The herb astragalus, and the minerals calcium and magnesium also support stress response. 

Siberian Ginseng, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin C

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Respiratory System: Cleansing Mucous Membranes

Our nasal passages, sinuses, throat and bronchial tubes are protected by mucous membranes, moist layers of connective tissue that are the first line of immune defense.

Vitamin A is necessary for the secretion of mucin (a constituent of mucus) in the intestinal mucous membranes and for the integrity of connective tissue.  The integrity of vessels and membranes is also supported by vitamin C, mullein, copper and zinc.  Astragalus, isatis, garlic, goldenseal, Oregon grape and pau d’arco are herbs that cleanse the mucous membranes.

Astragalus, Echinacea, Garlic, Goldenseal, Isatis, Mullein, Oregon Grape, Pau d'Arco, Propolis, Copper, Zinc, Vitamins A and C

Respiratory System: Clearing Mucus

As important as mucous membranes are to the immune system, too much mucus can be a problem.  Wellness Formula includes herbs that support the body’s clearing of excess mucus in the upper respiratory system.  These include mullein, horehound, polygonatum, goldenseal, Oregon grape and pau d’arco.

Angelica, Cayenne, Goldenseal, Horehound, Mullein, Oregon Grape, Polygonatum

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Herbs and Antioxidants that Support Wellness

Echinacea contains unique polysaccharide constituents that help support the body's natural defenses.

Goldenseal provides support to sensitive mucous membrane tissue in the respiratory tract; it also helps provide additional support when confronting a wide range of environmental influences. 

Astragalus provides support for the lungs and spleen, as well as the body's responses to environmental influences.

Propolis has been used in hives by bees for millions of years to preserve their pristine environment.

Garlic's protective and cleansing properties are well-documented by scientists.

Siberian ginseng's key constituents, saponin glycosides, help support the body's natural stress response functions.

Pau d'arco offers support, especially during a cold winter season.

Boneset and horehound have been traditionally used by Native Americans to break up, clear and maintain the natural flow of energy in the body.

Isatis contains glycosides that help support the body's innate defenses, and is known for its ability to complement the benefits of echinacea and goldenseal.

Mullein is a powerful cleansing herb containing saponins, substances which help clear and tonify the mucous membranes of the respiratory system. 

Vitamin C has long been known to be essential to the defense system and to nullify potential free radical damage.

Bioflavonoids are found in the pigments of certain health-enhancing plants.  Recent studies suggest that they actually complement the action of Vitamin C in the body.

Zinc helps soothe the ravages of winter, and is key to a healthy defense system, particularly during times of physical stress.

Selenium is a potent antioxidant and powerful free radical fighter.

Vitamin A and beta carotene help support the body's natural defenses.

Angelica archangelica root, Polygonum odoratum, hawthorn berry, Oregon grape root and cayenne are known for their cleansing and warming properties. 

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Strategies for Wellness – Immuno-Support Plan

Simple nutritional choices and lifestyle patterns are important to your strategy for winter wellness. 

Wash Your Hands

A study evaluated the impact of a one-hour educational session on hand washing for staff members of senior daycare centers.  Attendees experienced significantly fewer winter health difficulties.  Hand washing for 10 to 15 seconds with soap and water reduces the spread of germs.   

Eat Your Veggies – Skip the Sugar

Studies show that regular meals and consuming green vegetables are associated with a stronger immune response by white blood cells.  Conversely, consumption of simple carbohydrates and sweets decreases white blood cell activity.  So, eat your greens – and go easy on holiday treats. 

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

Sleep does more than make you feel rested.  Two studies with healthy volunteers demonstrated suppression of immunological function after one night of modest sleep deprivation.  The activity of certain white blood cells and the production of chemicals essential for immune system performance significantly decreased. 

Most U.S. adults get less than seven hours of sleep per night during the work week, while research has determined that certain parameters of immune function are enhanced by more than seven hours of sleep.

Stress, Conflict and Emotional Support

Stressful situations drain our energy and emotions.  Science now shows that our immune systems and our physical health are also affected.  A supportive approach to resolving conflicts or a strong social/emotional support system ameliorates the impact of stress. 

Exercise and Immune Function

Moderate exercise is good for your health.  In studies examining the effect of near-daily brisk walking over a 12 to 15-week period, active subjects had half as many sickness days as inactive subjects. 


Bradley, P.R. (ed.). 1992, Brit Herbal Compend, 1:90, 106, British Herbal Medicine Association

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Nieman, D. & Pedersen, B. Feb 1999. Exercise and immune function. Sports Med 27(2):73-80.

Reprinted with exclusive permission by Source Naturals, Inc.

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